The Bittersweet and Heartbreaking Joy of Loving Annie

I’ve liked dogs since I was a child. Our neighbors’ dog was named Daisy, a black shiny-coated mutt who spent most of her time outdoors and was tolerant of us children. My first family dog was Macintosh; he was affectionately named for the family’s love of Apple computer products (and… Read More »

Inside Gunnel Pups HQ: Who, What, Where, When

Who Annie (O.G. Gunnel Pup) and Amy, founder and CEO, Gunnel Pups Since July of 2020, Annie and I have been on many adventures together, so many of them in the ocean and in the woods. Annie is a real sweetheart most of the time, enjoying (like most dogs) many… Read More »

Dogs on Boats: Situational Separation Anxiety?

This summer at the marina, my normally calm and content two-year-old English cream golden retriever, Annie, developed what I’ve coined “situational separation anxiety.” At home, Annie doesn’t seem to favor either me or my husband, although it’s evident that I’m disciplinarian and my husband is the “fun” one. But this… Read More »